4 Advantages of a Gasoline Powered Car

Although there has been a sharp increase in the availability of hybrid and electric cars, gasoline powered cars still dominate the automobile market. Despite the continuous price increases on gas these vehicles has retained its advantages.

The four advantages of these vehicles are revealed below.

1. Accessible Source of Fuel

Gasoline powered cars can be refilled everywhere. You can easily find a gas station even on the country side and rural areas. Their services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

In addition to this, these gas stations also offer other services such as change oil, car wash, and tire check up. There are also gas stations that sell vehicle parts.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Gas fueled cars require lower maintenance costs. Spare parts and replacement kits are readily available on car service centers. There are also slightly used parts sold at lower prices. Surplus parts are used as replacements for the broken ones. Instead of buying expensive brand new parts, you can use the slightly used as replacements.

3. Accessible Car Accessories Shops

Since gas-powered cars were around for several decades, there are a lot of shops that sell car accessories. They attend to car owner’s needs in upgrading and enhancing their vehicles. Some of the offered in these shops are fashionable seat covers, cool steering wheels, and car audio systems.

4. Accessible Service Centers

Just like gas stations, service centers that repair defective cars are almost everywhere. Technicians and experts attend to the needed repairs of the car. Car engine check-ups, troubleshooting, and car upgrades are also performed here.

Services offered in service centers are not only for minor car repairs. Their staffs are also capable of doing complicated car works such as engine overhauling, under chassis repairs, and engine upgrades.

These are the advantages of the gas-powered car. To cope up with the increasing gas prices, car manufacturers try to create fuel-efficient cars. As a matter of fact, the latest car models are now equipped with gadgets that reduces the fuel consumption. In addition to this, latest cars are built with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Malaga Car Hire

To be always mobile on holiday, there are not many options and even less if we start thinking about saving money. One of the cheaper options is without doubt a car rental, which is often the best way and enables the most and speediest mobility. At Malaga Airport there are many points of contact to organize a car rental for the holidays.

If you want to rent a car in Malaga, then you should think about what kind of car do you need. First, it is important to be clear about how much space you may need on the trip. If you drive, for instance, with the whole family, then a small car might not be enough, and we should look for a 7 seater, 9 seater or a minivan car hire. If you want to have fun and speed, then a luxury sports car would be our best choice.

It is also important that you rent the car before the trip, we can do this by using the numerous online car hire services, this way you can save yourself unnecessary complications and possibly even money; we recommend not using broker online services as prices use to be higher and they cannot answer about the car rental company quality. not broker services manage their own fleet of cars, a good car rental company may renew their cars fleet every year so they can offer always the latest car rental models, a not broker service also worry about their customers and of course answer to their questions, a friendly service is very important, at least to me.

Apart from the details of the car itself, it is also more than wise to make yourself familiar with the habits of the traffic in Malaga and Spain. For example, there are highways which divide into a toll highway and a highway free of charge. So it is a good idea to always carry some small change when you are on the Spanish motorways. Within urban areas the speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour, on rural roads its 90 km per hour and on motorways 120 km per hour. Once you have checked off all items on the list, then there are really no more obstacles for a mobile and wonderful vacation in Spain.

How does car hire in Malaga typically work? (with the quality Companies)

Suppose you have booked online a flight and also hired a car. Depending on the origin you may arrive after about two and a half hours to Malaga airport if coming from the north of Europe. Most flights arrive at the new Terminal 3 at Malaga airport, while some airlines continue arriving at the old Terminal 2. Do not worry about that, a driver holding a sign with your name on it will be waiting for you at the arrival hall right after the baggage claim.

Very professional car rental companies continuously monitor the arrival and departure times and you will always be picked up on time, no matter if you arrive too early or too late. The car hire headquarters are located in close proximity to the airport and your multilingual driver will take you there in a few minutes. After you have probably already filled the main necessary forms online in advance, the missing steps for the car hire are dealt with quite rapidly and soon you can get on your way to your hotel or resort in Malaga.

The airport and most car rental companies are located right beside the motorway Autopista del Mediterraneo A-7 and the national road N-340, from where you can easily reach all coastal resorts and the eastern or western Costa del Sol. The average distances are approximately as follows: To Nerja in the east about an hour; to Rincon de la Victoria half an hour; to the city center of Malaga about 20 minutes; to Torremolinos about 15 minutes; to Benalmadena about 20 minutes and to Fuengirola 25 minutes. To Marbella and Puerto Banus it takes about 40 minutes on the A-7, which includes the option of a toll highway with much less traffic. Estepona can be reached in just under an hour.

Get the Best Car MP3 Players

Car MP3 players are must for any car. Within last few years, car tapes and cassette players have become outdated. New and latest players are far better than traditional ways of listening music in your car. These new products are very innovative and they produce extremely appealing sound quality. Latest car players are an amazing combination of sound and technology. They are very user friendly and can easily be connected and operated inside your car. These players help in customizing your car music system by introducing many features in your MP3 player.

Few years back, car stereo features only cassette player and a radio for FM. However, with passage of time, these players replaced these cassette players and now there is wide range of woofers and amplifiers, which can enhance the volume of your car MP3 player. These players come with lots of features. Mostly, every player will have a CD player and an inbuilt radio, which helps in listening FM channels. These players also help in listening music from any pre-recorded CDs in the form of MP3. Few car players also support USB port through which you can directly attach your mobile phone or iPod and you can play music pre-installed in your device. Few car systems come with inbuilt Bluetooth, which helps you in managing car system with your mobile phone.

Every car owner would love to have a good MP3 player through which he can hear music of his choice while driving. Few car systems also support video technology through which you can watch movies while driving. More money you spend on these players, more features it will provide you, as there are unlimited numbers of car systems available in market. Mostly, every MP3 player support almost all formats like WMA, WAV, AAC, ASF etc.

Car MP3 players comes with lots of advantages. Basic features of all car music system are same but in expensive systems, you will notice many advance features. You can hear AM/FM while driving, as you will definitely not feel alone while driving. You can also hear pre-installed CDs in form of MP3 disk. This technology is like heaven for music lovers as many people enjoy listening music while driving. You can also set equalizer, which changes bass and treble of music. If you have good speakers and woofer attached with your car system, than you will definitely get amazing and clear sound output, which will make your drive entertaining. As far as I have noticed, there is only one drawback of the car systems. I have seen many youngsters who used to listen music at very high volume, which is very disturbing for others. Sometime, there mind get distracted because of music which results in accident.

Various renowned companies manufacture car MP3 players. Sony, JVC and pioneer are few famous companies and they have very good reputation in market. If you are planning to purchase good music system for your car, you should contact any renowned car accessory shop where you will surely get many MP3 player models and you can select any of them depending on your budget.

Should I Replace My Old Car Or Keep Driving it Some More?

Trying to decide when you need to replace your car can be a bit of a problem for most. Should you get rid of a car when it has 70,000 miles on it or when it finally breaks down? Should you get a new car every few years to make sure you have the latest safety features? What should you do?

It is true that if you drive an older car you are missing out on some of the latest car developments such as safety features and the completely cool stuff you don’t want to do without. However, if you buy a car and drive it forever, you’ve got quite a bit of cash saved up from not having to pay those monthly car payments for several years. So it’s a trade off that you have to decide for yourself on what you want to do.

I drove my latest car, a 1996 Toyota Camry, till it hit 221,000 miles and finally broke down on the highway. It would have taken over $2,000 to fix it so I finally decided that was it and I needed to get another car. The car was four years old when I bought it and I had it for nine years. The last five years I didn’t have a car payment and it was really nice. By continuing to drive that car I saved $11,340 based on continuing on my monthly payments for another five years.

At what point though is continuing to drive your car just wasting your money? One way to figure this out is to look at the Auto Affordability Index. Determine the average price of a car, then figure out the monthly payments for a four year loan at the going rate for your credit rating. If you spend less than that monthly amount per month to keep your car going, then you should keep your current car.

However, if you come across a staggeringly great deal such as a well maintained car several thousand below what it would cost to buy it off Craigslist, then you should at least give it some heavy consideration. I loved my car but had some quirks that made me wonder if it was safe to drive out of town for long distances. Plus things seemed to be going wrong on it quite often. I didn’t want to find myself broken down on some highway at night because I was saving money driving the twelve year old car. Before I could find a replacement car that is exactly what happened. My car suddenly shot to the left across three lanes and I couldn’t control the steering. It finally stopped at the side of the interstate in pouring rain at night.

So I had to replace my car immediately, instead of having time to scout around and find exactly what I wanted at a good price. My recommendation is to drive until you think it might not be safe, and then start scouting around for a replacement. You’ll save money, but won’t endanger your life.

The Latest in Car Safety Technologies

If you’re shopping for a new car, safety features should be on the top of your list of vehicle requirements. Driving can be dangerous. Whether it’s risky driving conditions, the threat of drunk drivers or pure accidents having a car with safety features adds an extra insurance or safeguard against any road or driving mishaps. And as technologies advance and improve, so too do safety features. Whether you’re buying a new Peugeot or a used Honda safety features should always be considered. Here are some of the latest car safety technologies around that go beyond standard seat belts and air bags.

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) – Cars installed with TPMS will have a warning light on the dashboard that lights up when tires become significantly under inflated so that blow outs can be avoided. All cars manufactured after September 2007 have TPMS. If you’d like TPMS in your vehicle and are shopping around for a used Landrover, then look for models made in 2007 and onwards.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) – ABS prevents the wheels of a car from locking during panicked or emergency breaking. It allows the driver to slow down in a more controlled manner and have a better chance of avoiding an accident.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – If you oversteer or over correct your steering wheel while driving, ESC prevents the car from spinning out by applying a braking force to one or more wheels as needed.

Adaptive cruise control/collision mitigation – Going beyond traditional cruise control speed maintenance, adaptive cruise control uses sensors and radars to adjust the speed of a car to keep it a safe distance from the car in front, should traffic slow or someone cut in. Once a safe distance has been re-established, the original speed will be picked up without the drivers input.

Dynamic Head Restraints. Headrests can be crucial in preventing whiplash and head injuries in the event of someone driving up the back of you. Dynamic head restraints take it one step further, with new head restraints being designed to deploy automatically in the event of an accident. Often the seatback is also incorporated into the head restraint system, so that both the head and torso are supported in the event of an accident.

Blind-spot detection and side assist. Many new cars now come with the technology to alert you when you are close to a car that may have been in your blind spot or when you are coming precariously close to a vehicle in front of you. Blind spot detection and side assist is especially helpful when parking.

Air bag on/off switches. Air bags are not always safe, especially for small children. Most vehicles, especially two seaters and those with rear airbags, now offer the option to turn air bags on or off depending on who is sitting where in the car.

Car safety features should not be overlooked, so make sure that if you’re looking to buy a new car, you know which safety features are available and which ones you would like included in your vehicle.

Used Cars Vs New Cars – What to Choose?

No matter what you do, there are going to be plenty of advantages and disadvantages that come along and buying a car isn’t any different. Moreover, when it comes to buying a car you’ve got plenty of options – you can either pick a brand new car or go ahead and buy a perfectly good used car.

Choosing New Cars

Well, there are plenty of advantages of new cars and we’d now take a look at a few of them:

Peace of Mind

Whenever you buy a new car, you’re sure that it’s not been used before and hence it wouldn’t have any kind of problems that a used car may face. New cars come along with perfectly find batteries and so there won’t be any kind of starting problems as in the case of a few used cars.


You’d get a limited warranty as well; therefore, if at all you do come across any problem you would be able to replace it. That’s the reason most people opt for new cars. But, if you’re getting a good used car you shouldn’t need to worry about this.

Better Handling

New cars always have amazing handling and the quality decreases depending on how the owner uses it. If you’re careful with your car there are chances that it would last you for years. However, if you drive rashly you may end up corrupting the handling within a few months.

Opting for Used Cars

Used cars come along with their very own set of advantages as we’re now going to see:

They’re cheaper

As you know, the moment the vehicle is driven out of the showroom; it loses around 10 – 20% of its value. Therefore, as far as possible you should try and find a perfectly functioning used car if you’re planning on saving money.

Sales taxes are absent or lower

If you buy a car directly from a previous owner you wouldn’t have to pay any kind of sales taxes and in case your state does happen to enforce taxes you would then make the seller to pay the taxes as they’re more desperate to get rid of the car than you are to buy it.

However, making a decision as to buying a new vs used car isn’t going to be easy. Therefore, take a look at the latest car news to find out about new model releases as when this happens people usually sell their older models.

Benefits of Leasing a Car

What are the many car leasing benefits people can enjoy? Despite the aggressive and attractive low interest rate financing, offers of money back guarantee and many purchasing advantages and benefits that are provided to buyers by the top automobile makers, still auto lease figures keep rising continuously, if only because of the many benefits of leasing a car.

Here are the following car leasing benefits

We keep up with the ever popular automotive trends. Car Lease is more into personal choice and style of an individual than a finance and budget option. Many of us decide that we do not wish for car ownership for a long time. Actually the trend now is to be able to drive the latest car model of the year.

One of the most significant car leasing benefits is the enjoyment of the latest and best in automotive innovation and technology. Indeed, a lot among us are willing to give up vehicle ownership in exchange for the experience of driving the latest and fastest brand available.

Benefits of leasing a car also include the flexibility option in automobile purchase. The contract allows for you to defer decision on whether to buy the car or not. What is great is we can keep the auto in excellent driving condition, stay within the contracted mileage and simply like having a test drive during the car lease term. As the lease is terminated, you are provided the option to purchase it or just return the key.

Car leasing benefits also include the ability to negotiate. In the auto lease world, everything can be negotiated upon. You can negotiate and work on the lowering of any fee and payment. The buying price of the vehicle can also be negotiated at the end of your lease.

Reasons Why Car Leasing Is The Best

Today, car leasing has been an increasingly popular way to own and drive a new motor vehicle. Leasing a car is a great alternative to buying a brand new or second hand vehicle. This type of car acquisition has proven a lot of benefits to people who wants to drive their very own vehicle to reach their desired destinations. However, car leasing is not for everyone this type of financing method would greatly depend upon an individual’s personal circumstances and financial capability. Before choosing to lease a car, it is best to weigh one’s options to make a practical and well-informed decision.

While leasing is a great way to drive a brand new vehicle, it is suitable for consumers to acquaint themselves with the basic ins and outs of it before choosing this form of financing method. It is important to know the advantages and the disadvantages of car leasing in order to prevent any future problems with the car lessor. Below are some reasons why car leasing is the best option:

• The requirements and qualifications for leasing are easier than buying a brand new vehicle.

• There is a low down payment; initial cash outlay is way lower than buying a new motor vehicle. Your out of pocket cost is significantly lower than car loans.

• Your monthly lease payments are lower than car loans.

• Provides you the opportunity to own items that are expensive. During car leasing, you have the choice to drive a luxury vehicle which is well-equipped with all the latest safety and comfort features.

• You will be able to keep up with the latest car trends. At the end of your car lease agreement, you can simply return the car and start another car lease agreement with newer car model. You will be able to update your car every two or three years.

• Provides you the pride and confidence of driving an expensive car.

• Through leasing, you are able to liberate yourself from the expenses of routine maintenance.

• You can always drive a car that is under warranty.

• It won’t make you worry about the future value of the vehicle. Motor vehicles are products that depreciate sharply; it does not pay to own items that depreciate fast. This protects consumers from the excessive depreciation of the vehicle.

• It provides you the opportunity to pay for the portion of your vehicle use. You only have to pay for the depreciation of the automobile.

• Car leasing is an intelligent use for cash; you will be able to drive without paying for its total value.

• It is a great way for businessmen to provide their employees with company cars. Leasing vehicles for your employees is cheaper than maintaining a huge fleet of company cars.

So if you have any plans to own a brand new car, you might think about leasing as a great option. It is a great way to put your money on good use; this can provide you the prestige of driving a vehicle which you cannot afford. If you want to enjoy a model with impressive safety and security features, you can always opt into leasing an automobile.

New Car Finders’ Guide in Searching for the Best Cars

Not all new car finders know that successful car ownership depends on one’s ability to search for a vehicle suited to his or her needs and budget. This simply means that you need to be very careful as well as resourceful in searching for the best vehicle offered by dealerships in case you are planning to buy one.

Always bear in mind that once you have purchased a particular vehicle and you suddenly found out that this is not the vehicle you wanted, it is quite hard if not impossible to return this to the dealership. In order to avoid this situation, make sure to conduct the needed car research and extensive search before buying your next vehicle.

In case you don’t have any idea on how to do the actual vehicle search, consult some of the car advice or simply do the things below.

1. Visit some of the car dealerships in your area

When you are planning to purchase a brand new car, try to consider your needs and your budget for the vehicle purchase first. Once you identified a particular type of car as well as the amount that you would be using for the purchase, you can now start the search. The first thing that you should do is to visit some of the local car dealerships in your area.

As soon as you step on each dealership lot, try to ask the person in-charge about the latest cars that they have on their lot. You can actually ask for a list of their cars offered on sale from the person in charge to help you determine the available models. Once you do this, check out the vehicles that they have and try to assess if any of these suits your needs.

Just bear in mind that you are only on the vehicle search stage. By doing this, you can avoid buying the vehicle right away without checking what other dealerships are offering. In addition to this, do commit to any of the offers provided by the representative, such as affordable auto financing rates, discounts, and rebates. Just take note of their available offers and continue searching by visiting other dealerships.

2. Conduct an online search

Another way of searching for the best cars that new car finders could us is conducting an online search. This strategy is considered as the most recommended since the online search allows you to view more car makes and models compared to personal search.

All you need to do is visit some of the car makers’ websites and check the latest cars that they have released on the market. These sites usually provide a particular page where you can examine the specs and MSRPs of their cars on the market.

Aside from this, you can also use some of the popular car finder websites to help make your research more manageable. However, you only need to very careful in choosing the sites that you are using. Some of these could possibly provide you with inaccurate information that might make your search less productive.

Marty Bay is an Automotive Journalist and publisher, widely known as a contributor writer, editor, and publisher for some well-known Automotive Properties in the US like Car Finders, Auto Financing.net, and AboutCar.com to name a few. His expertise is in writing news and publishing content that would help New Car Finders, and buyers seeking information about Auto Financing and other New Car related offers, deals, and changes in the industry. He also specializes in producing and publishing New Car Buying Guides for various automotive websites in the United States.

Used Honda – The Latest Integra Type R!

Deep in the Japanese mountains lies a test track that blatantly plagiarises the famed Nurburgring circuit in Germany. This is Honda’s playground and they’re not afraid of the comparisons. Japanese car makers have always taken the best bits of European cars and improved it themselves, so why not do the same with racing circuits?

The Takasu test track measures 6.2km, offers more than 40 turns, including a dozen blind corners as it climbs and skews through the forest, one bit where all four wheels leave the tarmac if you’re quick enough and a number of tricky cambers. If any car that can average 95mph and lap it in close to three minutes it’s a bit special. The latest Honda Integra Type R does all of this. Better look out for a used one then.

Why shouldn’t you buy new? Well, to put it simply, it’s because you can’t. Therefore it’s time for a word of caution before we all get carried away. The latest Integra is very special indeed, however it’s a bit too close in performance terms to the newest Civic Type R we have in the UK. As a result, Honda won’t be importing it to our shores. To buy one it’ll have to be a used example. This in itself isn’t a problem as Honda are renowned for their reliability and build quality. You will however need to go through an importer to get your hands on one direct from Japan – a country that fortunately drives on the correct side of the road like us.

It’s worth the hassle though, starting with the styling. The new Integra is a much chunkier model that the one built until 2001. Sleek headlights balanced perfectly with a revised grill give the car a purposeful look. The car sits on larger 17 inch alloy wheels (16 inch on the predecessor) with red Brembo brake callipers peering through the spokes, giving the car a cool look whilst enforcing that it’ll stop dead too.

The roof line is actually higher than the old model too, with the car’s stylist Hideaki Uchino quoted as saying the overall look is designed with the American market in mind. According to Uchino, previous sporty Hondas have been too “thin” so they’ve followed the lead of BMW and Audi’s latest offerings. Surely not another case of the Japanese taking ‘inspiration’ from Europe? In this case we’ll let Honda off, after all Uchino used to work for Ferrari stylists Pininfarina and helped design the 360 Modena. More than enough to have on your CV I’m sure you’d agree.

Recaro racing seats happily do remain, meaning that you’ll remain gripped tightly no matter what corners lie ahead. The 1.8 litre engine has gone – upgraded to a smoother 2 litre i-VTEC. There’s also some clever engineering meaning the intake cam timing is continuously variable. What this means in normal words is that emissions are reduced and power goes up. They’re a clever lot aren’t they?

As a result, power climbs 30bhp to 217bhp and the legendary i-VTEC will rev once more to 8,400rpm. The greatest joy of driving a VTEC still remains – this time at 6,000rpm. Once the counter hits this magical figure, the high-lift cams kicks in and you rampage towards the horizon accompanied by one of life’s best soundtracks. A short shift six-speed gearbox makes sure you can get the most from all the revs too.

Honda also claims huge improvements in the structural rigidity of the body shell and when you combine this with stiffened suspension, it gives the new Integra a very different feel. Rear grip is phenomenal, with the car refusing to let go unless you really overdo it, but you’d have to be an idiot to be heading into a corner that fast anyway.

The larger wheels do more than just give the car a facelift, they really help with the handling too. Combining all these factors together, the latest car feels significantly faster (especially through the corners) even though the raw data suggests minimal speed advances – mainly as the car is 72kg heavier overall due to the larger engine.

When you do need to stop, never fear as the brakes, much like the wheels don’t just look the part, they play it too. Again Honda talks in technical speak about 300mm vented discs, fade-resistant brake pads and duel cooling ducts. Just concern yourself with the fact that this car stops very quickly and doesn’t get tired of doing so.